The most efficient and flexible wind craneless system of the industry

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KoalaLifter is a disruptive self-climbing system that uses the strength of the wind turbine tower as support to climb up the turbine. KoalaLifter key invention is the way it embraces the tower with expandable collars. This makes KoalaLifter suitable for any wind turbine model of any height. It is able to perform major correctives or even the turbine erection without any need of high tonnage cranes.

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KoalaLifter advantages



It is adaptable to any wind turbine model


Operation limit

KoalaLifter is able to work with high winds


Less turbine downtime

The major corrective or turbine erection is done faster than any other method


Workforce risk

KoalaLifter is operated with a remote control


Less contaminating

No need of massive truck transportation, only one conventional truck is needed


KoalaLifter equipment are very easy to transport and can be taken to all over the world


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