Self-climbing platform with runway for tower maintenance works (Welding, Ultrasonic, Paint repair, etc) of Wind Turbine Generators (WTG) in the range of 500 kW to 4 MW with steel or concrete cylindrical or conical tower.


Weight: 6 Tons. Designed to fit in a standard 2 shaft 12 m long truck.


· Component loading capacity: 1000 Kg (4 pax + 500 Kg equipment).
· Difference between upper and lower tower diameters: 4 meters.
· No tower height limitation.
· Electrical power supply: 5 KVA.
· Climbing speed: 3 m/minute.
· Control from runway.
· No specific wind limitation for operation.
· Tent to work under rain or severe wind conditions as an option.
· Nacelle hoist loading capacity: 150 kg.
· Electric and hydraulic redundant safety system.

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